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Kehrwald's canvases often possess a jutting tactility. He utilizes a coarse linen, burlap or decorative fabric. The colorfulness sinks into it as if into a pale gorge. The substrate articulates the disappearance and deterioration of an amorphous materialism from which the painter wrests a decayed beauty for the moment of his experience of self and illuminates its splendor as a disconcerting menace.
If there's anything at all in the picture that the viewer can identify with, it isn't the representational opposite to the form, but the way the form is broken up in its graphic application. In the final stage, viewing the smoothness of the rising and falling, the fluctuation of the color makes one aware of one's own physicality. The visual world becomes a tactile interface of itself and hence a space for the experience of one's own solitude.

Rolf Hengesbach, 2003