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What attracts me about these paintings is that they don't want to draw me in. They don’t want to have me just the way I am: as one with a tattered gaze, groping his way along flickering walls, fleeing from what?

These looks glance off Kehrwald's painting. They must become other looks.Whatever Kehrwald paints, on his palette autumn forever reigns - violet, purple blends. Brown slurry: soil, coal, offal.

Just as we ourselves are, if we can take it: the silent flesh with its muffled drone. Masses of color, layer over layer, draw us into the depths, through windings and gorges, down to where there is no bottom.

You must hammer it out yourself - this bottom. And the way Kehrwald paints his pictures, you could. You would have to like yourself just as you are. Flee from what?

Look. Look here. Someone is painting.

Michael Zeller, 2007