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Question: What kind of subjective possibilities? That sounds very abstract. Could you give an example?
KK: These aren't the most intelligent questions I've heard! These kinds of values are always abstract, but at the same time never universally valid. Everyone has to work out for themselves what nutritional benefit they may offer - far removed from any technocracy. I'm not the pope, you know.

Question: Can art be an ersatz religion?
KK: Then it's a question of how you define religiousness.

Question: The Red Tower: Is this the church flowing with blood?
KK: I paint the tower - and that's it for me. The rest is up to you.

Question: Red or tower?
KK: Tower. You climb to the top and get a different perspective. You see more, you comprehend more. It's all about images. Why do people even build towers? I get my inspiration from reality. In principle, you could just as easily dig out a cave.

Question: What would that cave look like?
KK: Like the tower, except going downward.

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